2014 Taylor Made ATV Club
Annual Newsletter

Dear Club Members,

         It is March and I am sure many of you feel, as I do, that this has been the longest and coldest winter we have seen in years.   As the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter, many of us are looking forward to getting out, enjoying the outdoors and riding our ATVs with friends and family.  
I would just like to take a moment to share with everyone a few of the accomplishments we have made in the past year and some of the challenges we
face in the year to come.

           One of the most labor and resource intensive services this club performs is to maintain the two excellent trail systems we have here in our county.  On
behalf of the club officers and myself, I can not thank you enough for volunteering your time to help cut downed trees, pick rock, install signs, etc.  Without your help our trails would not exist.  Mark Carpenter has been working very hard to shape our trails in Perkinstown for the future.  We continue to widen the bed of our trails to a minimum of fifteen feet so that hopefully sometime soon we will be able to safely accommodate UTV traffic.  

           In 2013, the club hauled in over $4200 dollars worth of gravel and spent almost $14,000 dollars on bulldozing, culvert replacement and signage on the Perkinstown Motorized Trail.  All ready this past month,  club members have been busy cutting down trees on blind corners and widening the trail to make our system safer and sustainable.  In the Camp 8 area, we have adjusted the approaches to all the gates to allow for passage of the wider UTV's and am happy to announce that we have received approval from the Taylor County Parks and Recreation Committee to open that system up to UTV's this summer once approved by the Administrator.   

This past summer, we purchased and hauled $4500.00 dollars worth of gravel back onto the trails and have been relocating some of the gravel we had stock piled in previous years.  We also cut the brush alongside over 1/3 of the trail system.  We were able to recover all of the funds needed to do this work through grants from the State of Wisconsin and are looking for even a larger grant this coming year.

          As many of you are aware of, Taylor County adopted an ATV/UTV ordinance which paved the way for opening up sections of County maintained Hwys to be used as connectors between existing trails and local businesses.  Part of that ordinance requires the local atv club (Taylor Made ATV Club) to be the liaison between those wanting to open up the sections of Hwy and the Taylor County Hwy Dept. and to procure the funding needed to purchase and install signage by the Hwy Dept.  In the first year, we have added over 19 miles of  County Hwy Connectors at a cost of $5,690.00 dollars and through the generous donations by our local businesses, Sportsman Clubs and private donations we have taken in over $5,000.00 dollars to fund this.  The best thank you we can give all these people is to patronize their businesses when ever possible and also to not abuse this privilege and drive responsibly.

          In the past year we have also seen a number of our local townships offer opportunities for ATV usage on their local roads.  We are working with Russ Aszmann to continually update the map which will be located at: http://www.co.taylor.wi.us/pdf/atv_utv_map.pdf.  Those of you who live in or near Medford will
also see that an  ATV route has been added in the city giving access to several restaurants, motels and gas stations.  This route is a one year trial and we can not express enough just how important it is that everyone obey all traffic laws and stay on the posted streets only.  The opening of future streets will hinge on
this years positive experiences. We are starting to see Taylor County become one of the most ATV and Snowmobile friendly counties in Central Wi.    

          Trails and road route maintenance is not the only activity our ATV Club participates in.  Every year, for the last two  decades, the club in conjunction with the Chequamegon Wildlife and Rec Club, has conducted the WDNR ATV Safety training.  This past year we were fortunate enough to have the use of the Brecke Rodeo grounds and are looking forward to returning back to the newly renovated Perkinstown Winter Sports Area again this summer.  Once again we had a full roster of  12 year olds anxious to become certified ATV riders.

Through out the year many of our members join in as we participate in area parades, community educational events like the Youth Expo sponsored by the
Taylor County Sportsman Club and the annual Medford Harvest Days.   Summer time is for riding and on the 3rd Sunday of each month May through October members of the club travel to some of the trail systems in our nearby counties.  Everyone is welcome to join us whether they are members or not and we
often stop and have a picnic or grab a burger at a local eatery.   

                   Last year we seen a definite up surge in the Club Membership and we appreciate your support.   As a club, we strive to offer riding opportunities and promote a safe and responsible image of our sport.  We also like to have a bit of fun while doing so.  The best way we can continue to do this is with your input.   If  you have any suggestions as to how we can improve the club, where we can go on rides, what other civic events we could participate in, whatever, we look forward to them.  Drop in at one of our meetings or call any of our officers and we will be glad to hear from you.  We will be having our first meeting of the
year, as well as our election of officers for the next year at Zondlo's in Rib Lake on Sunday April 13 @ 6:00 P.M.  Join us for pizza and help us kick off the season if you can.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Sincerely yours,   Don Liske

  P.S.  It's that time of the year that we look forward to your club dues, but cherish your help and friendship.  







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